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Mechanical precision machining and subset assembling

ARM Group - History

Les grandes dates de Groupe ARM.

Creation of ARM by Georges Couillaud.

Growth of the company's activities, largely related to the development of the market of capital goods, led the decision to move into new and larger premises.  The construction of a new building is decided in La Chaussée d'Ivry (France).

Acquisition of BNA based in Dreux, specialized in machining of mechanical parts in small series.

Acquisition of Sopremeca (SPM), subsidiary Hurel-Dubois (SNECMA Group). ARM Group consolidates its position in the Aerospace market. Acquisition of SAE, renamed “Sopremeca Décolletage” (SPMD), specialized in the machining of turned parts.

Creation of SPMA in Morocco (Casablanca), to meet the expectations of its customers in terms of productivity and proximity. This site develops activities such as machining, turning, composite deburring, assembly of mechanical subsets for Aerospace application.

Creation of a new site made of 3 000 square meters workshop and 200 square meters office space on the industrial Nouasser Aero pole Casablanca site to cope with its business development. Moroccan work force passes to 30 people.

Take-over of Casablanca precision’s activity in SPMA in order to widen the scope of its activity and products, and speed up its development on Moroccan Aeronautic market. SPMA staff is reinforced from 30 to 85 people.

The total ARM Group’s turnover increases to €27M with 230 employees.

Acquisition of MGA company in the South-West of France for strengthening its presence with the local major Aeronautical key players.

Reinforcement of ARM Group’s capital base by opening 30% of its capital in 2013 to the sectorial investment funds: ACE Management (Aerofund II) and IRDI (Institut Régional Développement Industriel Midi-Pyrénées Aquitaine).

Today ARM Group, consisting of 6 companies, realizes a turnover of € 35 million with a workforce of no less than 330 employees. It is one of the major players in French market of machining and mechanical subsets assembly.