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Mechanical precision machining and subset assembling


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ARM Group, a global answer in precision machining.

ARM Group proposes various additional activities to widen its core business.

  • Two integrated engineering and design departments,
  • composite deburring,
  • aeronautic subset assembly.

Engineering and Design

ARM Group has two design departments specialized in study and realization of

  • Assembly and control means,
  • Benches test.

We work with Catia and Solidworks stations.

Composite deburring

ARM Group proposes composite deburring activity on its Moroccan production site.


ARM Group realizes the assembly of subsets of aeronautical parts  with integration of bought or subcontracted components (sheet metal workshop, electromechanical engineering).

ARM Group is qualified for special processes

  • Installation of bearings and bushes by heating and or cooling
  • Installation of bearings / bushes by bonding
  • Installation of helical threaded inserts
  • Application of elastic protective coatings
  • Application of sealants
  • Metalization
  • Non structural riveting...